Home Renovation Toronto

Our talented, experienced team of architects, tradesmen and tradeswomen, and interior designers have successfully renovated homes for over thirteen years.

Does your kitchen look outdated? Or do you want to increase the size of your living room? Or perhaps your bathroom requires some changes? Either way, we can help you renovate!

Our talented, experienced team of architects, tradesmen and tradeswomen, and interior designers have successfully renovated homes for over thirteen years. We’ve helped homeowners swap old scratched floors to shiny new floors, adjusted acoustical/suspended ceiling systems, and have used our experience to transform any room to match the vision of our customers.

Firstly, we will work together to customize your dream design. We believe it is important to meet with the architects and interior designers to ensure that we’ve covered everything!

Once we’ve developed the design, we will discuss the estimated quote with our cost department. To find an accurate estimate, our cost department will meet with the architects, interior designers, and project managers.

Next, we will go over the minor and major details with you! We will discuss flooring, paint colour, and materials. After we’ve finalized the specifications, we will give you the final estimate and do one last walk through. If you like what you see and give us the go-ahead, we will begin constructing!

As we renovate, you will receive updates and photos of the process. We want to involve you as much as possible.

Once we’ve completed the job, you will have another chance to walk through and let us know if any changes you’d like to see.

Soulful space designs

Once we attain your requests, taste, and vision, with the help of our talented team we will create unique designs customized for you. Since this is your soulful space, we believe it is important for us to work together, back and forth until you are content with what you see.


We want you to feel confident about the design we’ve created together. Therefore, we will provide both a sketch and 3D rendering designs. Our 3D rendering design will grant you the opportunity to experience a virtual walk through of your home. This detailed tour will enlighten you on any changes you’d like to make and with this knowledge, we will match your vision, detail for detail. 


We, at Elviano, can take away the agony that often accompanies permits. Over the last decade we have gained valuable knowledge on how to get the right permits efficiently.

Feasibility studies

Moving homes can be painful and stressful, so we want to do whatever we can to ensure that you don’t experience any added stress. We will access the area where you hope to build and look for any issues that may arise in the future. If we find any problems, we will let you know right away so that we can formulate an alternative plan.


Our ability to construct homes in a timely manner, to create designs that match the desires of the current market, and to stay within budget helps to draw in a variety of talented developers!

We ensure the highest level of confidence by striving to deliver the highest quality of work. We understand the importance of their investment; that is why we work relentlessly to protect it and undertake to achieve the best outcome for them.