We believe that your bedroom should envelop you with coziness, relaxation and calmness, just like this bedroom.

This master bedroom seamlessly blends a classic, simple look with a contemporary style. It encompasses an array of comfortable, intimate features:

And of course, the room has a spacious walk-in closet and lavish, sparking ensuite. What's your favourite feature in your bedroom?

This home encompasses an array of water-related features! Not only does it have a pool and hot tub outside, but during the chilly winter months, you can bath in the indoor jacuzzi. The surrounding windows allow you to appreciate the trees laden with snow from the comforts of your home while soaking alongside friends and family in a luxurious hot tub.

Would you like one of these in your home?

When we created this library, we believed in marrying a timeless design with modern necessities that make working easy. This fireplace will keep you cozy during cold winter nights when you need to work late, while the TV provides you with a much-needed work break. Once you sit down, you won't have to get up for a long time.

We wanted this library to be a place where your body can relax and feel at ease while you work or study.

Skylight, skylight won't you make my house so bright? This skylight may have been difficult to install, but the natural light lighting up the area paired with the marble, weightless look of the Venetian plaster made the installation worth it!

From a perfectly sized dishwasher to encircling stools to shelves that can hold an infinite amount of alcohol, this private bar has everything you need. You can even use the tabletop stove to make scrumptious appetizers for your guests! But that's not all... The best part about this bar? You can open the patio doors to the pool and hot tub, so your friends and family can easily meander from the bar to the pool and back.

What do you think about this fully stocked in-home bar?

When it comes to developing homes, we like to get creative! In this home, the marble mantel, the brick from the cellar, and the handles come from the original home --- these stunning pieces are around 100-years-old.

We like the idea of marrying the old with the new! We believe the modern style paired with historic furniture and accessories helps to create a cozy atmosphere within this home! Would you agree?

In this series of videos, we look at some of the latest trends and features that can be implemented into your custom home or major renovation project.

Out of your entire house, the kitchen has the most traffic. It's where you concoct meals and bake treats. We believe in making life as easy as possible for homeowners, so we aimed to design a spacious kitchen that comes with features that help to make cooking and baking easier.

Our favourite feature? The sliding panels that accompany this unique sink. These panels allow you to prepare your food in one place, and they can double as a serving station for guests!

We ensure the highest level of confidence by striving to deliver the highest quality of work. We understand the importance of their investment; that is why we work relentlessly to protect it and undertake to achieve the best outcome for them.

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