6 Benefits of Roof Overhangs

July 18, 2021

Roof overhangs are a popular architectural choice for some home buyers - and with good reason. Roof overhangs are a portion of your roof that extends beyond your home by a couple feet, providing an overhang. They are visually appealing and functional; however, some residential builders neglect to add a roof overhang to the homes they are constructing. If you are looking into buying or building a home, we recommend considering roof overhangs for the many benefits that are accompanied by the overhang. Here at Elviano, we have created a list of why roof overhangs are beneficial for your home.

1. They Protect Your Windows

Homes without overhangs are allowing their windows to be vulnerable to all sorts of weather. Roof overhangs are helpful in keeping windows dry and clean from the rain as well as increased protection from the snow. If your windows are not properly insulated, they may let in rain into your home. Over time, leaky windows can be destructive to your home and its interior, especially if you have not noticed your windows are leaky. As an added bonus, less rain fall onto your windows prevents stained or dirty windows, leaving your home appearing cleaner!

2. They Protect Your Exterior

Much like the idea that roof overhangs protect your windows from the weather, this also applies to your exterior walls. When exterior walls are impacted from weather, such as from the rain, this could lead to issues with your home. Typical roof overhangs do not provide as much protection and the exterior walls could be impacted by moisture. This could lead to rotting, deteriorating siding and paint, as well as potential mold growth. If your area gets a lot of rain, our team at Elviano encourage you to consider buying or building a home with a larger roof overhang in order to protect your home in the long run.

3. Keep Your Home Cooler

Roof overhangs also provide additional shading for your home, preventing heat from the daytime sun from hitting your windows. This allows your home to stay cooler and prevents the sun from creating additional heat in your home. Conserving energy is a benefit of roof overhangs as your home stays cooler during the warmer months. If you are interested in keeping your home cooler and conserving energy by decreasing your home’s use of air conditioning, roof overhangs are a good option for you.

4. Preventing Increased Moisture in Your Home’s Foundation

As previously mentioned, rain causes a lot of moisture build up around your home, including your home’s windows, walls, and its foundation. If an excess of rain makes its way into your home’s foundation, this may very well cause problems down the road. This could lead to moisture in the basement, a leaky basement and overall structural issues in your home. A damaged foundation in your home can lead to costly repairs or even compromise your home. By utilising roof overhangs in your home, you redirect the rain and its moisture farther away from your home. This could be helpful in keeping your home’s foundation intact.

5. Prevent Splash Back

When it rains, there is typically a splash back which occurs when rainfall hits the ground and the raindrops splash back onto your home. This splash back contributes to excess water and moisture on your home’s walls, doors and windows. Over time this can impact your home by causing deterioration and even rot. Additionally, splash back can make your home look dirty, particularly if you have a lighter coloured home and the water pools together with your lawn or dirt. This creates a mud-like consistency which could make your home’s exterior quite dirty.

6. Eye-Catching Design

Roof overhangs provide a beautiful and eye-catching design. When builders and architects create roof overhangs, they can take advantage of the additional workspace they have to craft something beautiful. These overhangs can be crafted to be sleek and modern, or crafted to have custom woodwork that adds a special touch to your home. Our team at Elviano can help you in creating the overhang you desire!

Not only are roof overhangs functional but they are also beautiful and eye-catching, adding an extra touch to your home. Roof overhangs can transform your home from plain and simple, to beautiful, elegant and modern depending on the style you seek. Simply discuss with your builders and architect in order to achieve your desired look.

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