Tip and Ideas for Renovating your Split-Level Home

August 2, 2021

You may be wondering what a split-level home is. A split-level home is simply a house with staggered floor levels. This style of home has been around in North America since the 1940s and was a very popular style of home for many decades. Due to its practicality and economic design, many builders and homeowners have opted for this style of home for the past few decades. That being said, this style of home is becoming outdated as different styles of homes classified as modern, have become a popular choice. However, just because a split-level home is visually outdated, that doesn’t mean the home is no longer desirable. In fact, with just a few changes or renovations, you can make your home feel and look like new! Here at Elviano, our experts have compiled a list of ideas and renovations to improve your home!

Create an Open Floor Plan

As mentioned, the design of split-level homes has been around since the 1940s and the style has remained similar since. This may lead to you feeling as though your home is out of style, especially seeing the new modern style homes that have become so popular. Instead of searching for a new and more modern-looking home, simply bring this style into your split-level home. One way to accomplish this is to open up the floor plan in your home. This can be accomplished by removing walls in some areas in order to make your home appear brighter and more spacious. Another method may be to remove traditional stair railings and adding glass panels to make your home appear grander and bring in that modern feel.

Add an Addition

You may find that your split-level home is lacking the space that you’d like, or the space that you need. Instead of searching for a new home and going through the headache of moving, simply look to make some adjustments and additions so your home can provide you with the space you need. You may be seeking a larger master bedroom, walk-in closet, entryway or guest space, whatever it may be adding on an addition to your home can completely change the feel of your home. Here at Elviano, our team of expert designers and architects can help you in creating a home that fits your needs and space. If you are looking to add an addition to your home, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, contact us for support in adjusting and improving your home.

Add a Sunroom

Adding a new addition to your home can provide more space and give your home a modern feel, but you can also make your home appear more spacious and modern by adding a sunroom. Sunrooms create a bright space, making your home look both more spacious as well as modern by letting more light into your home. If you’re looking for a brighter and modern feeling home, consider adding a sunroom.

Make External Adjustments

Your home may be to your liking on the inside but might be a bit outdated on the outside. If that’s the case, consider making external adjustments to your home. You can select a variety of stonework, panels and siding in order to fit the style of your liking. By adjusting the exterior of your home, you can also create a great curb appeal in order to attract potential buyers if you do choose to sell in the future.

Contact the Professionals

Making adjustments to your home is both exciting and daunting. Your home is very valuable, it is important to ensure that any adjustments you make to your home meet both safety standards and your personal standards. Especially if you consider selling your home in the future, avoid a headache by properly renovating your home to avoid any potential mishaps. Contact the professionals when renovating your home to ensure all goes smoothly. Here at Elviano, our team of professional designers, builders and architects can assist you in renovating your space and creating the home of your dreams.

Split-level homes have been around for decades, and for good reason as they are both practical and economic. That being said, their style has become outdated and many people are seeking a more modern style home. Making changes to your home can be exciting, but also quite daunting if you are unsure of where to start or what to do. If you are considering changes to your home, or you are looking for support in building your new home, contact Elviano. Here at Elviano we are a team of expert and professional architects and designers. We can support you in building your dream home or renovating your current home. We are a full-service contracting business serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2006. Our knowledge and expertise have led us to be a trusted contracting business in our area. If you are interested in building a home or renovating your home contact us at (416) 901 5001 or Toll Free at +1 888-ELVIANO.


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