Converting Your Bungalow into a 2 Storey Home

September 6, 2021

Bungalows are one storey homes, that are often found on a decent sized plot of land. These types of homes are ideal for homeowners that do not need an abundance of space, including small families as well as people who may not be able to use the stairs. Bungalows are a great option for many homebuyers. That being said, when you purchase a home initially your needs may be different than they are now. Your family may have grown, or you have realized you would like additional space in your home. For this reason, some homeowners may be looking to alter their bungalow to create more space. Building a second level to your home is a great option for those who love their home and its location. Here at Elviano we have compiled a list of reasons to convert and what to expect if you are considering converting your bungalow into a two-storey home.

Why Convert Your Home?

Additional Space

One of the main reasons that many people look to move away from a bungalow or convert their bungalow, is due to the need for more space. You may have outgrown your home or your family’s size may be increasing, which creates a need for more space in your living area. One benefit to converting a bungalow, is that they are often built on lots that are a decent size- this will be helpful in making the task of remodeling easier.

Stay in Your Neighbourhood

Your home, neighbourhood and community become an integral part of your identity, as well as your family’s. Moving homes can be both a headache and heartache as leaving the familiarity and comfort of your home can certainly be difficult. Especially with school-aged children who will have to leave their school and their friends. Instead of moving, consider converting your home to adjust to your needs.

It may be More Cost-Effective

Renovating and remodelling homes can be costly when building on the side of a home, as one of the major costs is with foundation work. Foundation work is very important in order to ensure your home is properly built. However, if you are working on your home upwards, then you will already have the foundation built and ready from your existing home. It may be wise to have your foundation checked prior to building in order to ensure safety for your home and your family. Another way to be more cost-effective is by temporarily moving your roof as opposed to tearing down your roof and placing the same roof back onto your two-storey. Renting a crane can be expensive, however it can be more cost-effective than tearing down your roof and building a new one.

Increase Your Home’s Value

By adding an addition to your home, you are increasing your home’s value. Providing more space to your home can increase the value, especially if your home is in a popular area. Instead of moving to a new neighbourhood and new home, adding additional space to your current home can increase your home’s value if you choose to sell in the future.

How to Convert Your Bungalow

Create an Upper Level from Scratch

In order to build a second storey, you can remove the roof from your home, build your new space upwards and then construct a new roof. This may not be as cost effective, but if you are in need of a new roof, this may be a good solution.

Reuse Your Roof

You can reuse your existing roof in order to be more cost effective. Rent a crane to remove your existing roof, then simply reattach your roof when the remodelling is complete. Renting a crane may be costly, however it may be more cost effective than tearing down and rebuilding a roof.

Modular Design

A modular design is a second storey design that is built off-site and then added to your home later. This is both an effective method in regard to time and costs.

Check Height Restrictions

Prior to building your new storey, ensure that you have the appropriate permits and height restrictions. Before creating a second storey, ensure to check in with your city officials.

Hire the Professionals

Remodelling and renovating can certainly be daunting, especially for those who may not be as experienced. We highly recommend hiring professionals here at Elviano in order to assist and guide you with the planning and building process of remodelling your home.

Creating more space in your home for yourself and your family may be ideal, however moving is not an option and remodelling can be daunting. Contact the professionals at Elviano for support in planning and building your home. Here at Elviano we are a team of expert and professional architects and designers. We can support you in building your dream home or renovating your current home. We are a full-service contracting business serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2006. Our knowledge and expertise have led us to be a trusted contracting business in our area. If you are interested in building a home or renovating your home contact us at (416) 901 5001 or Toll Free at +1 888-ELVIANO.


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